Isigny Ste Mere Unsalted French Butter Roll



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Coming from Isigny Ste Mere is this remarkably delicious butter, produced since the 16th Century. The soil of Isigny is soft and damp, and the cows there thrive on grass that is rich with iodine and beta-carotene. The appealing yellow Isigny Ste Mere butter has hints of hazelnut flavors, a flexible, elastic texture, and is full of vitamin A.

This smooth French butter is origin protected by the AOC (Appellation d Origine Controlee), whereas nothing is added or taken away from the butter. Made with the best traditional creams of Isigny (matured for 16 to 18 hours), it is famous for its golden buttercup colour and its distinctive notes of milk.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, lactic starters.
Storage: refrigerated