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About the flavor. Eating a slice of pie is always a great experience in itself, so in formulating this flavor, the goal was for it to be a unique ice cream experience in itself. Alt Scoops’s Apple Crumble is overwhelmingly fresh with the bright, clean flavor of New Zealand apples, mixed with the comforting and warm flavors of vanilla... Add on the crunch of Walnuts, this flavor truly has a lot to unpack! Definitely not what you’d expect from an apple pie flavored ice cream pint.

Beware: you might want to consume an entire pint at once... you might either go bananas or get tipsy!

Made with New Zealand Apples + Oatly! Oat Milk

* Size. 1 pint
* Net Weight. 350g
* Features. Vegan & Dairy-Free.
* Allergens. None.