Fibo Filtration Bottles 22oz (650ml)

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Fibo Filtration Bottles are portable water filtration bottles that make tap water completely safe to drink. This filtration water bottle is perfect for traveling, in the gym, in the office, at home and everything in between. It comes with two interchangeable cap options — the black nozzle or sports cap for filtration use while the silver cap for full insulation. This sleek filtration water bottle is created with style, convenience, and functionality in mind. This will surely be your new travel buddy wherever you go.  

- 22oz, 650mL
- Premium 18/8 food-grade stainless steel construction
- Keep drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours
- Includes black nozzle cap for filtration use and silver cap for full insulation 
- Leak-proof lid - Sweat proof - Chip resistant
- BPA free
- Fits comfortably in most cup holders
- Recommended for hand wash only
- Comes with free filter that is good for up to 3 months of use
- Reduces chlorine, odor, and other water impurities
- One filter can help reduce 600 plastic water bottles
- Do not use the nozzle and filter for hot water
- Filter is made in Korea

- 1 piece of Fibo Ripuri Filter
- 1 piece of Insulated bottle body - 650ml
- 1 piece of Silver insulated lid
- 1 piece of Fibo Ripuri Nozzle lid 
- Tube box (packaging)

1. Remove all packaging materials, label, and stickers. 
2. Hand-wash the stainless-steel bottle, nozzle cap and silver insulated cap with soap and warm water.
3. Rinse the filter thoroughly with running water for at least 5 mins
4. When using the Fibo Filtration Bottles, attach the filter to the nozzle of the drinking outlet and properly fasten the cap until the end.  If you taste something odd while drinking, thoroughly rinse the filter again with tap water. 
5. For filtration use, only fill with water between 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius).
6. When drinking water, pull the nozzle out of the open and drink water by sipping the nozzle.

- Never use boiling or hot water to wash and clean the nozzle and filter cap as it may damage them.
- Do not use the nozzle and filter for hot water
- Keep the Fibo Filtration Bottle away from children, hot areas, fire, and chemicals.
- Do not use liquid that is microbiologically unsafe or with unknown quality
- Not for filtering saltwater
- Do not use with dishwasher
- Replace filter within 3 months or every 300 liters of water consumption.